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Celebrating 60 years of student success; Laying the groundwork for 60 more

UM-Flint’s 60th anniversary marks a milestone in the university’s history. It’s a time to celebrate our campus and your contributions to our shared success. It’s also your opportunity to impact the future of UM-Flint and its students.

60 for 60 is an initiative within the Victors for Michigan-Flint campaign that aims to raise $60,000 for student support in honor of 60 years of student success.

Student support is our number one campaign priority. Nearly 70 percent of our current students receive some sort of financial aid, and, with your help, we’ll work to ensure that all students are able to attend UM-Flint regardless of financial situation.

How can I be a part of 60 for 60 and celebrate our 60th anniversary?

For 60 years, UM-Flint has built success through our extraordinary students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends whose intellect, creativity and willingness to give back have made this a truly great institution. Let us commit today to continue investing in our future and our students.

Any donation of any amount to any of our student scholarships count toward our $60,000 goal. You many choose any scholarship from within the secure, online giving portal, or make a gift to the preferred scholarship for the 60 for 60 initiative, our UM-Flint Alumni Scholarship for Excellence.

You and your fellow alumni can make a difference today.

To learn more, select the decade during which you graduated from the buttons below. From this page, you can select to give to 60 for 60 and see how your donation can make a difference in the lives of our students.